Round up for 2021

Last year was a great year in that Rescology continued to work with existing clients and thanks to ‘word of mouth referrals’ managed to grow our client base to include a few more mining companies and an engineering firm. Projects included a spread of mineral and infrastructure projects in lithium, graphite, gold, iron ore, silica, diamonds and copper; manufacturing and roads construction. Work was Australian focused with projects throughout WA and one in the Northern Territory. As in years previously, we drew upon the resources of our trusted consultants,  subconsultants and specialists to make up the multidisciplinary teams needed on projects. Thanks to all those great people who make it work including the behind the scenes team.

Highlights have included:

  • Working on a closure feasibility projects with SRK’s international closure team;
  • Independent cost of closure assessments;
  • Bilby surveys with the Bunuba in the Kimberley;
  • A diversity of infrastructure projects in the first quarter with Main Roads;
  • Several independent technical reviews for investors, M&A’s in gold and copper;
  • Facilitator of the AUSIMM’s ESG course as a marker of Module 3;
  • Being on panel of AMC’s sundowner where the topic was ESG;
  • Strategy and management of EIA and approvals in biodiverse areas of the South West and Great Southern with some great results.

Looking forward to 2022. Thank you to our clients, support team and contractors.