At Rescology, we have been fortunate to work with incredible people on different projects around the world and extensively in Western Australia (WA). These enriching experiences inform our approach as a company, to our clients, their projects, and challenges as we strive to deliver excellence and value.

Our values

Our values are: Integrity, Solutions Focus and Relationships.

How we work – our partnering strategy

We assign a key person to your project who is engaged in every stage of your project.

They’ll attend project meetings, contribute to strategy, risk management and help optimize project delivery. Our commitment to seeing projects to fruition every step of the way gives our clients confidence and trust that we will deliver excellence.

At the outset of any engagement, we design a communication strategy so everyone who needs to be included has the information required to perform their role optimally.

Our communication style is collaborative and inclusive. During every engagement we will communicate openly and honestly and with kindness  to enhance our work together. We expect our clients to do the same.

We are resourceful, connect our clients to the right people and provide top to tail professional services for projects from scoping through feasibility to operations.

Our experience working with Indigenous People makes us an excellent choice when these conversations are integral for a project’s success.

We’re known for our ability to engage with key regulatory and community stakeholders. These relationships enable us to add value and enhance the social license for our clients.

We are committed to 100% integrity. We do what we say we will do. If something changes, we will let you know as soon as we can. We ask our clients to do the same for us. That’s because integrity and trust are the essential foundations for the optimal performance and for  the project outcomes we commit to, for our clients.

How we got our name

Rescology’s name is derived from combining the words Resource and Ecology. Ecology being the relationship of organisms to one another and their physical surroundings; and Resources being everything around us, natural capital. 

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Cathy Galli

Director / Principal Environmental Consultant

Cathy is an environmental scientist with more than 23 years’ experience in conservation, sustainability, community development, eco-tourism and the resources sector in Western Australia and internationally. Cathy has lived and worked in multicultural, multi-skilled and sensitive environments in five countries including Australia.  She has well established and respected industry and regulatory networks, knowledge of international legislative frameworks and experience in skills share, mentoring, stakeholder relations and building partnerships. Her breadth and depth of experience includes government and a range of industries, in consulting and operations involving project development from the conceptual through to the operational, mine closure and rehabilitation phase. Core skills include environmental feasibility, strategy and pathways to approvals, environmental scoping of ecological surveys, project management, environmental due diligence, environmental and social impact assessment, stakeholder engagement, compliance performance improvement, mine closure and rehabilitation. She is a Certified Environmental Practitioner in Australia and New Zealand, contributes to community through mentoring of an African student on a scholarship under the Australian Awards program, is a member of the AUSIMM Society and Environment Committee, the technical committee for the Closure Professional Practitioners Association and currently assists with a sub-committee of the Dieback Working Group. Cathy was awarded a scholarship on the 2018 Pipeline for Directors Program and is a Graduate of Australian Institute of Company Directors Course. Cathy is currently involved in part-time studies with Charles Darwin University.

Jo Garvey

Lead Stakeholder Engagement and Restoration

Jo is a restoration ecologist with 20 years’ experience in the private and public sectors. Over the past 10 years Jo has been involved in natural resource management and sustainable biodiversity conservation. Her successful career in Natural Resource Management has included stakeholder engagement, skills sharing and skills transfer. Jo has been able to influence policy and contribute to improved environmental outcomes. She has project managed multiple projects, led teams, collated proposals and tenders for significant projects involving applications to the State and Commonwealth governments. Jo’s experience includes working across government agencies, community groups, landholders and the Aboriginal Noongar community in Western Australia. Jo’s success is attributable to her commitment, warm and engaging personality, exceptional organizational skills, and knowledge of leading projects.

Jo’s committee experience has included:

  • Healthy Estuaries Project Reference Group
  • Lake McLarty Technical Advisory Group
  • Lowlands Advisory & Science Committee

Rescology is proudly associated with several other companies. We have strategic arrangements in place and are well positioned to resource projects with complementary expertise and experience. We have worked with our associates since the company was founded in 2017. Projects include Australia and overseas involving Mergers and Acquisitions, Environmental and Social Scoping and Feasibility studies, Mine Closure, Strategy for Environmental Impact Assessment, Stakeholder Engagement and analysis of environmental legislative changes and their effect on project timeframes and outcomes.

Mike Slight & Associates are a consultant group that specialises in Mine Closure Solutions offering a wide range of Mine Management expertise including Mine Closure Solutions, Environmental and Social responsibility expertise, mine operations management and support, coaching and mentoring of mining personnel.
MineScope Services provides tailored technical and project development support services in the mining and resource sector. Our success lies in our ability to provide the right support for a wide variety of projects and operations, either short term, or on a longer-term infill basis. MineScope was founded in 2017 but has over 100 years of Mining and Resource experience between our management team members: mining professionals with long, successful careers in their respective fields. Specialising in owners representatives support, project development & delivery, metallurgical, engineering & geoscience technical support, and due diligence, MineScope always adds value to our clients' operations and projects. With experience in over 30 countries and a wide range of mineral commodities, MineScope is currently active in regions of Africa, Australasia and the Americas.
CSA Global is a leading provider of management and consulting services and specialises in corporate, mining, resources, exploration, technology, and water services to a wide variety of clients across the global minerals industry. CSA Global has been delivering trusted technical services, training and independent advice to public and private mining companies, governments, industry associations, financial and legal groups globally for more than 35 years. CSA Global is a member of the ERM group of companies, a global provider of sustainability advisory services, including environmental, health, safety, risk and social consulting. CSA Global has offices located in Perth, Kalgoorlie, Darwin, Brisbane, Jakarta, Singapore, Johannesburg, Horsham (UK), Dublin, Toronto and Vancouver and is supported by a further 160 offices world-wide through ERM.