Need help with the ‘ESG’ for exploration! You’re in the right place. Rescology’ s experience in exploration projects and asset development includes gold, copper, mineral sands, base metals, salt, graphite, diamonds and iron ore ranging from densely populated regions of Africa to remote and environmentally sensitive areas in Western Australia.

Rescology can add value to your assets and deposits through the development of strategy for land access, building the social and environmental license early on.

Our experience in developing strategy includes complex Land Access Management Plans for projects with multiple competing constraints such as cropping cycles, climate, Phytopthora dieback, consent from landowners, weed hygiene, Threatened and Rare flora flowering periods, animal breeding periods and underlying tenure.

Exploration related services services include:

  • Preliminary due diligence for early identification of key risks and opportunities
  • Stakeholder engagement and planning, advisory, conflict resolution and building partnerships
  • Government and community relations, negotiation with decision making authorities, strategy for approvals
  • Management of desktop environmental impact assessment by specialists and ecological surveys
  • Exploration environmental management plans
  • Exploration rehabilitation
  • Land access strategy


Our impact assessments ensure that the environmental and social implications of projects are analysed and well understood to ensure optimal use of resources and timelines to approvals. Our team is highly experienced and well networked with established regulatory and industry relationships to provide you with an informed and appropriate level of assessment.

Rescology provides a diverse range of services to assist clients in undertaking an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in support of their specific developments.

Plans are transparent and feasible and Rescology’s experience takes into consideration mitigating measures for the unforeseeable in today’s increasing legislated environment. Rescology’s services include preparation of all approvals documents and supporting documentation and environmental management plans in what is often a complex process and poses a risk to corporate reputation.

Environmental Impact Assessment services include preparation of:

  • Desktop impact assessment;
  • Integrated ESIA or Strategic ESIA’s, with associated management plans;
  • Stakeholder engagement strategy, plans and registers;
  • Mining proposals;
  • Public Environmental Review documents;
  • Clearing permit applications; and
  • Works approvals or Environmental Protection License applications.


Rescology has the experience, expertise and practical know-how to efficiently undertake project due diligence and feasibility studies. We identify potential environmental and social liabilities, costs and opportunities associated with your project. We add value by identifying, characterising and quantifying environmental liability and highlighting where risk mitigation efforts should focus.

We have carried out due diligence for mergers and acquisitions for  projects in Asia, South America, Australia and Africa in gold, nickel, mineral sands, kaolin and poly metallic ores.

Our services include:

  • High level gap analysis;
  • Full due diligence inclusive of environmental, social, rehabilitation and closure risk analysis with mitigation strategy;
  • Costs, timeframes for mitigation; and
  • Considerations for integration.


Rescology advises and provides tailored mine closure and rehabilitation plans in line with regulatory requirements that are focussed on project needs. We can work with our clients to develop strategy and solutions to meet or exceed national, international and corporate standards in mine site closure and rehabilitation. Our experience includes rehabilitation performance evaluation and rehabilitation implementation planning. We seek to develop and achieve realistic rehabilitation objectives with an outcome focus and reasonably achievable completion criteria. Rescology also has hands on experience in the monitoring and management of successful rehabilitation performance in the various stages of mine closure.

Our experience includes legacy sites, historical gold rush mining and small-scale mining areas with associated inherited liability or liability by association.

Rehabilitation and Mine Closure services includes:

  • Conceptual closure plans;
  • Operational closure plans;
  • Stakeholder engagement;
  • Rehabilitation implementation plans;
  • Rehabilitation strategy;
  • Costs of closure;
  • Rehabilitation performance evaluations.


In today’s regulatory environment achieving compliance is challenging. Rescology has a clear understanding of legislative environmental requirements which is key to a cost effective and practical approach to the laws and regulations influencing project development and will guide clients every step of the way.

Corporate reputation is directly influenced by how well an organisation manages its environmental risk. Rescology’s risk management services enable successful identification, management and mitigation of risks for our individual clients. These services are tailored for integration into business practises.

Our services include:

  • Annual and social environmental reporting; and
  • Exploration rehabilitation reporting.


We design and deliver tailored engagement strategies to build understanding, create local ownership and to inform sustainable decision making. Stakeholder identification and consultation, including liaison and negotiations with regulatory authorities. Our services include communications and consultation strategies, detailed stakeholder analysis. Our team works to build reputation of your business, create the right environment for open, transparent and effective engagement.

Our services include:

  • Identification of stakeholder, stakeholder mapping and strategy for engagement;
  • Stakeholder engagement plans;
  • Social impact assessment; and
  • Stakeholder engagement registers.